Participate in the BOO! Parade

BOO! Parade Participant Inquiries should be directed to:
Ray Pulver
Upbeat Parade Productions

Vintage cars, prancing horses, marching bands, and dancing corpses. SDSU campus organizations, fraternities, sororities, floats, and more are in store. Come as one, come as group, or come as a team. Participating in The Boulevard BOO! Parade will be such a scream. We ask you now to show your community pride, by signing on now for a fun-filled ride. Click here for some tips to make your entry Spooktacular!

Participant Award Categories:

  • BOO! Award, for the scariest entry
  • BOO! HOO! Award, for the funniest entry
  • Witches & Wizards Award, for the best cultural representation entry
  • Trick or Treat Award, for the best children's costume entry
  • Aztecs Pride Award, for the best SDSU representation

Participation is at no charge for most entries. However, parade entries for advertisement purposes are subject to a $500 entry fee. No racist, sexist, pornographic or otherwise offensive entries are allowed. All participant entries are subject to acceptance of the Boulevard BOO! Parade Committee and the College Area Economic Development Corporation (CAEDC). CAEDC reserves the right to refuse entry to any participation applicant for any reason.

Application for entry must be received by: September 15
Online Participant Application

The following documents are sent to each applicant upon receipt of their application. You may download the documents here to see the City and State regulations that all parade participants are required to comply with:


Volunteer at BOO!

Planning for the 2014 Boulevard BOO! Parade has already begun. The committee meets monthly to make sure things are staying on track. The parade takes about 250 volunteers to run efficiently. This year we will be focusing our efforts to recruit community volunteers to support this great event.

There are several different types of volunteer positions available for the parade, all positions will be from 8am to 1pm on Saturday, October 25th. The College Area Business District is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Your volunteer hours will count for any needed community service. To sign up to be a volunteer at this year's BOO! Parade please contact Natalie Mendell at (619) 582-1093, or via e-mail at